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Meditation : Inner peace : self-awareness

The Leckhampton Road Mindfulness Meditation Group is run by Ivan Hatvany who has practiced meditation and Buddhism for 25 years since studying Eastern philosophies at University. He is the author of a stress management book called Putting Pressure to Work, published by Pearsons.

Tuesday evening meetings will recommence on 7 February, and visiting teacher Mark Øvland (from Gaia House) returns to teach here on Tuesday 12th December - just a few spaces left!

Meetings are held in Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham, and involve meditation and listening to talks from renowned Buddhist teachers.

You don't need previous meditation experience as a few simple instructions are given.

The emphasis is on a relaxed evening and the cultivation of inner peace, self-awareness and mindfulness techniques, all over a cup of tea with like-minded people.

I pocket no money from the group but instead put out an Orbis UK charity box and request a £5 - £10 donation.

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For more information feel free to call on 07773 333 949, or email: